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Rushabh Buricha

the founder of Click2Online

Hey there! I’m Rushabh Buricha, the founder of Click 2 Online. For over 7 years, I’ve been helping more than 2500 Amazon sellers boost their online sales and achieve remarkable growth. I’ve explored various categories on Amazon India and gained in-depth knowledge on how to increase sales and generate 10X revenue.

Before starting Click 2 Online, I sold on Amazon myself and learned the ins and outs of the trade over 4 years. Now, I’m excited to share my expertise with everyone in India, helping them start selling on Amazon and live an amazing life.

Join me on this journey, and together, we’ll explore the vast opportunities of selling on Amazon and discover the secrets to success. Let’s unlock your potential and create a fulfilling life through e-commerce!

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Why am I doing this?

I understand that trying to figure things out on your own takes a lot Of time and often leads to FAILURE.
I am passionate about helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs and online sellers Achieve their Goals. through my years of Experience And Extensive Knowledge in the field, I have witnessed the transformative impact that effective strategies can have on businesses.
And here’s important thing…
A mentor who has already achieved success can easily solve all of these problems.

Amazon success stories by my students!

46 Lakh Sales in 1 Month

40 Lakh Sales in 1 Month

Knowledge is crucial for Amazon success, whether you're already selling or starting anew.

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