Snapdeal Account Management service

Registration of New Account

We register the new account of sellers at Snapdeal Seller Central to proceed forward and also take the brand approval and category approval to make your product online and make them ready to sell.

Product Listing Services

Click2Online Experts do listing of products by uploading images and text to Snapdeal template as per the compliance policy with Snapdeal.

Snapdeal Sales Boots Services

Our team of experts offer premium Snapdeal sales boost services that help drive traffic and improve conversions on your Snapdeal product pages. Since this is an open competitive marketplace we keep tabs on prices and help you make the best offers.

Product Promotion

Account launch and the promotion of uploaded products is done by expert team members with the help of Search Engine Optimization.

Catalogue Services for Snapdeal

We look after the complete catalogue services for Snapdeal. Ecommerce catalogues contain large amounts of data in the form of product descriptions, manufacturer details, product dimensions, product images, prices, and shipping policies, etc. It takes specialized skills to manage this humongous amount of information. Maintaining consistency and accuracy of ecommerce data is also very important to boost sales of products.This includes creating database of photographs of products and linking them with appropriate content written by our expert content writers to convert visitors to buyers while giving our maximum information in the most concise way.

Day to day activities of seller account

Account Manager Update and refresh contents of seller account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as may be agreed upon.

Brand Registry & Protection

Registering your brand on Snapdeal is an extensive procedure requiring concentrated effort and ample time. In partnering with our account management team, expect that we’ll manage each process diligently and take cake charge of submitting your documents. We’ll safeguard your brand from malicious entities such as counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers.

Scale your Snapdeal business

How to get an Snapdeal account manager to help scale your business is easy. We will set the stage to support you as you grow your business on Snapdeal.

Maximize potential revenue

Selling on Snapdealhas its challenges and roadblocks. Seller Interactive provides you with the strategies and management services to increase your conversion rate.

Comprehensive support

If you need Snapdeal support, look no further. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable Snapdeal sellers and consultants are happy to advise you on finding the best solutions.

Health Management Services.

Maintaining a healthy Seller Account in the Snapdeal Marketplace is a must to scale your business. You don’t want to spend your time on issues that will affect your operations’ flow, which means wasted potential revenue.

Our team at Seller Interactive will provide you a comprehensive approach in Snapdeal support handling, optimizing the customer service experience, and protecting your seller account health in all aspects.